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One-to-one Private Workshop


Our full -day workshop will teach you the skills of candle-making so you can make your own, unaided at home. In addition to using natural soy wax we introduce you to two other popular waxes: petroleum and beeswax beads. This is very much a hands-on course where you practice what you have learnt. At the end you take home the candles you have made plus a copy of our book "Making Candles" and our starter candle-making kit to enable you to make your own projects at home.

Morning Session

  • Introduction to candle-making through the ages
  • Overview of the different types of wax, wicks, dyes, fragrance oils and candles
  • Demonstration of 4 different candle-making techniques
  • Using individual melters, melt two types of wax, add dyes, fragrance oils and wicks to make four types of candle:
    • Floating candles
    • Container candle and tealights
    • Pillar candle
    • Rolled beeswax candle
  • Finish your candles off with beautiful packaging and decorations

Afternoon Session

  • Create a “home” candle-making workshop, including the use of a double-boiler on your hob
  • Following the step-by-step guide and our support you make your own pillar and container candles using petroleum and beeswax
  • Calculate all the materials yourself including identifying the correct wick and calculating the quantities of wax, dyes and fragrance oils 

Post workshop

  • Take home a copy of our book "Making Candles", a wax melter and some wax to enable you to make your own candle-making projects at home (2 tins & wicks, 500g soy container wax, 2 candle dye, voucher for fragrance oil,10 tealights and wicks)
  • Access to our Facebook Masterclass group for ongoing support and further inspiration



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Length: Full day 

Cost: £250 (week day) £350 (weekend)

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"I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop the other day, I really enjoyed it! In fact I enjoyed it so much that I now want to make candles properly and sell them!"