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BOOK - MAKING CANDLES - £8.99 MRP - £10.00 including postage



Published by Search Press, the book features 20 step-by-step candle-making projects. It has 80 pages and 350 beautiful colour illustrations. 


"Brought this as a gift for a friends birthday after her mentioning that she wanted to have a go at making her own, but after having a sneaky flick through I kept it for myself! Purchased the basics mentioned in the book and yesterday I made my first candle! The Mason glass one, and I have to say I'm very impressed. The book is idiot proof and highlights ability level for each candle so I'd say this book is great for first timers as well as people that have done it before as there are quite a few tricky ones too. Can't wait to make more this weekend, I'm looking at empty jars in a whole different way and saving a few quid as I often buy candles but can make my own now!"


CANDLE-MAKING KIT - £149 - including postage





Making Candles Book

Electric Wax Melter with 3 pans


Soy Pillar Wax x 1200g

Soy Container Wax x 1000g

Beeswax sheets x 6


Wicks & sustainers ECO14 (for tins) x 4

Wick ECO4 (for mould) x 1 metre

Wicks & sustainers (for tealights & bottle tops) TL25 x 20

Wick VRL 5 (for rolled beeswax candles) x 3

Containers & Moulds

Mould x 1

Tins x 4

Tealights polycarbonate x 10

Bottle tops x 10


Fragrance Oil Voucher

Workshop voucher


Glue dots x 4

Candle dye x 6

Blu tack


Wicking sticks x 6

Candle-making Guide – Pillar Candle, Container Candle, Tealight Candles